Track Easily

Track your vehicles quickly and easily. Keep your customers up to date with our quick vehicle ETA features and track your drivers hours.

Quick Reporting

Compass Tracking offers a detailed Reporting suite to track previous movements of your fleet, fuel usage and driver behaviours.

Save on Costs

Compass Tracking will help you reduce costs, with our options for monitoring, you can detect unnecessary idling and reduce private use of your fleet.

Monitor Drivers

With our detailed driver league table, you can easily see the best and worst drivers in your fleet and optimise your training best suited to their needs.

At Compass we have over 20 years experience within the Vehicle Tracking Business. This experience has ensured the Compass Vehicle Tracking system includes real time data and reports that allow you as a company to monitor your fleet, increasing productivity in a more efficient way. Compass Vehicle Tracking allows you to make correct decisions regarding you fleet instantly by monitoring vehicle idling, identifying excessive idling and acting on this so engine idle is reduced, in turn reducing fuel costs.

Compass strength is to ensure that a company gets the most from our vehicle tracking system, enabling a company to collect important fleet data via our reporting suite so that a company reduces cost in the most efficient manner. We aim to provide 100% in all aspects of our business for Support, Service, Knowledge & in the Products we supply.

Why Businesses Choose Compass Tracking

Track your vehicles in real-time.

Identify good and bad drivers within your fleet.

Accurate ETA's to keep your customer up to date.

Track fuel usage and be notified if a driver fills up, or if there is a possible fuel theft.

Extensive reporting suite, journey reports, driver league tables and snail trails.

All in one platform with intergrated live CCTV.

What we can offer

Vehicle Tracking

Keep track of your vehicles in real-time with our quick and easy to use platform. Create simple reports from our extensive reporting suite.

DVR Installation

Vehicle CCTV will help you protect your fleet and your drivers from fault, false claims and theft. Which can reduce costs when contacting insurance companies.

Remote Tacho Download

Proving Remote Tacho Downloads to ensure no data is missed, this can be sent directly to your analysis company. Whilst also providing you with real-time Driver Decision Data.

Vehicle Safety Check App

With our VSC application you can easily manage any defects on your vehicles, from major to minor. A simple app on your drivers Andriod or Iphone and they can carry out their checks.

DVS Installation

With our DVS systems you will gain your star rating to drive in London, you can apply for the permit as soon as the installation is complete.